Past Events 2020 – 2029

Below, by year, are our past performances: click the links to open up the PDFs or JPSs.

Stinky Covid 19 is running amok and upsetting all our concert plans! All the concerts planned have been put on ice for the time being, but all being well will be presented next year on the equivalent dates- venues being available and so on.  Keep an eye on our social media presence for news and updates.  Best wishes to you all and we look forward to seeing you just as soon as possible. Wendy Randall, MD



This concert is filled with items you didn’t know you knew, plus loads of fascinating facts. It was created for SCS to participate in the tercentenary celebrations of the founding of the Unitarian Chapel in Kendal.  It will take place next year, deo volente, to help celebrate their three hundredth and first anniversary.