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Concert Season 2022

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‘Ideas Spring Forth’  Saturday March 26th, 7.30pm 2022

As part of the tercentenary celebrations of Kendal Unitarian Chapel we present a fascinating programme of music connected to famous people you didn’t know were Unitarians! Concert is unticketed but there will be a retiring collection at the door to be divided between the Chapel and the choir. There will be a raffle, and refreshments in the interval.  And a quiz coming soon to a shop near you.

‘Billy’s Birthday Bash’ a Saturday in June  2022 (TBC)

William Wordsworth is key to this concert: we feature words by him, music he might have heard, music inspired by him – several compositions being unique to SCS. Awaiting confirmation of date and venue.

‘Billy’s Birthday Bash the Second’
a Saturday in October  7.30pm 2022 (TBC)

To our faithful Staveley audience and friends, we bring our local lad’s birthday festivities, a second night of the wonderful Wordsworth celebration music.

Catch it here if you didn’t in June!

‘Aunt Dotty’s Christmas’ Monday December 12th, 7.30pm 2022

A Christmas compilation of carols punctuating a dramatic rendition of the eponymous poem by Carol Ann Duffy. If you’ve been to one of previous concerts under the baton of Wendy Randall you’ll know how these fun, festive, creative, thrilling occasions roll!

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