MD’s Annual Review Oct 2019

Here we are, cranking up for the Christmas concert after a summer away….. and what can I say about the previous year? We’ve done three successful concerts beginning with the Fauré Requiem and other pieces, in Ings church – poppy petals and an amazing audience and wonderful sum collected for two charities.

Swiftly on its heels, the Christmas concert – the usual jolly success – atmospherically duplicated in Selside church the day before.  And then the dance themed concert in May, with cryptic quiz which doubled as good advertising.  The cabaret seating and atmosphere was a great success and we couldn’t have packed many more people in.

This Christmas concert will not be seated in quite the same manner, but I hope to get a quiz out in good time (think about where might you take some) so that we get a similarly enthusiastic audience.

March will see us at the Unitarian Chapel in Kendal as part of their 300th anniversary celebrations, with an appropriate and interesting selection of music, some of which you will have sung before.  Then in June 2020 we will add to the 250th birthday celebrations for William Wordsworth with some music new and old that fit the ethos and interests of our most famous local poet.

Your enthusiasm and attention keep us together and vital as a choir – so do please maintain your interest and attendance.  Thank you for all that you contribute and for the happy and welcoming atmosphere that we are known for.  See you Monday evenings in Staveley Village Institute if not elsewhere in between-times!